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When I met Brian, I was seeing an Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, a personal trainer and massage therapist. I had knee surgery seven years ago and was in discomfort a lot but really got troubled when I did any long drives. I also had severe loss of mobility in my right shoulder. I am pain free in my knee and have taken a few long drives to test it. I have complete range of motion in my shoulder.

He is in a class by himself. My chiropractor has made a referral to him and has commented very positively about my present vitality. I am sure that his new practice in Mt Vernon WA is going to be successful. He has synthesized a lot of great tools.

Kaye H 9/5/19

I am 88 years old and have a lot of miles on my back. I have had surgery, injections, doctors, chiropractors, but the most effective session I have ever had was the bodywork with Brian. I hobbled in on Friday then spent the weekend working in my garden. Try him he is amazing at his craft.

Ray L 10/19/19 Mt Vernon

I hired Brian to work at my Spa to do Bodywork. I have had my mother, my aunt and uncle, nieces and nephews in for sessions. They all agree that the service is magical, and very healing. My aunt Theresa had a serious migraine and was in to see a doctor and an acupuncturist with no success. Brian turned that around in one session. His training is special and his gentle way with people speaks clearly about his character.

Tamara P 9/5/19

Hey Brian,

So I received your chanting CD and had a chance to listen to it. It is truly a most beautiful piece of music. I sense that you have found your voice. It brought me to tears Brian, partly because it was you becoming and partly from the fluent rhythm of your guitar. . . (it) stands by itself. Well done Brian and I'm sure this piece will open doors for you as it already has the propensity to open windows.


I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1972 and have quite a lot of experience with contacting Being or Pure Consciousness. There has been more scientific research on TM than any other form of meditation and notably tremendous synchronization of brain hemispheres and increased brain wave coherence. Within moments of receiving a brain balancing adjustment from Brian I experienced a level of brain wave synchrony and a corresponding expansion of consciousness that sometimes takes a while to hit when practicing deep meditation. I loved it. I felt whole, mentally clear, put together, my physical body went into alignment and I was more deeply seated in Being. I recommend it highly whether you have an adjustment and/or learn how to do it for others. Thank you Brian!

Deborah S. 11/11 Snohomish, WA

Just heard Presence and it stopped me in my tracks.  Blissing, dancing.  Truly inspired and transforming.  It's happiness. You are gifted not only to access this state but to express it in a way that brings us there.


Working with Brian Roberts is always a journey of sacred wisdom, shared tears and laughter, music and friendship - all tailored to my needs, the needs of the lesson and that of immediate energies - resulting in profound life changes.

Carole Conlon, L.Ac. Master Integrational Healer and developer of LifeWeaving pendulum clearing method. AyniLifeWeaving.com

I received a Diamond Heart Activation, an exquisite gift from Brian. The experience was rich with mantras, readings, and Brian singing and playing the guitar. Afterward, the intensity, subtle at first, then rapidly building into a crescendo settled into a headache and disappeared.
I feel completely different now. After two weeks, a calm confidence returned as a quickening of events in my life became clear and progressive in attaining goals that were previously on hold.
I wish to thank Brian for his in-depth ability to navigate and transform my energy to it's original highest standard.

Alexandria Lake

I attended one of Brian's LifeSeed gatherings where I experienced the healing energy of the LifeSeed process by a wonderful group of practitioners. Everyone steps out of ego to focus wholly on the heart centered process. This is a powerful non-invasive healing. I was pleased with the gentleness of it and I highly recommend the LifeSeed process to anyone on their return journey to wholeness. Everyone will benefit from the healing energy because it come from the higher dimensional realms.

In Gratitude and Thanks to Brian and the LifeSeed practitioners, Rose

Rose McSpadden Seattle, WA

I am sending you my testimonial for the amazing work that Brian has done on the activations. I recently finished the 12th activation and have listened to the 8th one almost every day for at least 4 months. I have always been involved in some type of art, but have not been doing anything for at least the past 3 years. Inspiration as led me to start painting (which I have never really done before) and I cannot believe what is coming out of me. It is truly Divinely inspired art. I credit doing the Diamond Heart Activations and listening to the Moola Mantra as the catalyst. I am getting out of bed at 4 am because of the visions I am having and I have to get them onto my canvas. I am a healer and as I paint I set my intention to incorporate the healing energy that runs through me into the art I am creating. I am having so much fun.

Brain's work is more powerful than I really ever imagined possible and I will be listening and doing activations for the rest of my life. I am sending you a few of pictures of the work I'm doing. If you would like to put this testimonial on the website, you have my permission to embellish as you wish.

In Light and Love, Karen

Karin Couture

I simply wanted to offer my deep thanks for your presence, time and the gifts which I received last Saturday evening.

Needless to say, the event was transformational for me on so many levels.
First the gift of finding my harmonic voice again.  I have not used it since childhood.  My voice yes, my harmonic balance - not so much.

Second was the 1 page release - has transfigured how my mind/soul interacts with my siblings even when it's just the thought of interaction! 🙂  It's peaceful now instead of what went before on an emotional level. The evening was 100 times worth its value in my time essence for this alone.

Third was the meditation - never - NEVER have I had what happened during this one happen.  I was not aware that it was a Sanskrit wording until I was reading through your website.  The first part allowed me to burn away the veil of illusion surrounding my heart - bury it into the waters and soil of my life to nurture and fertilize new growth.  Then it blasted that growth up through my core and out my crown. <grin>  Needless to say, I did not anticipate that the growth would be immediate.

Then - Fourth or continuation of Third - When David started to read - clear as a bell I heard the immediate translation of every segment between the Om's.  Ah, so is this  what someone hears when they know they speak one language but know at least one other as if born to it - it's how it felt to me.  As though Sanskrit was my root language and the English is what my mind converted it to so I could understand the meaning in the 'now'.

And last -- is it? - Was the clear knowledge that the answer to "who am I" that people have asked - is, and always as I've know, has been "I AM" .

Humbly and gratefully yours ... Kate

Kate at crysaliswellness.com

. . . I can't really describe what Brian Roberts does. It includes his guitar, beautiful Sanskrit chanting, transcendental meditation, the chakras, guardian angels, energy work and more. He says he synthesizes all the things he's learned and been trained for.

We could really feel the strong power in our chakras, and I felt better than I can ever remember, after his work. He gave us mantras so we could continue the process on our own. The fact that Brian shares so much of what he paid dearly for, for no charge, speaks a lot for him.

Merryl Woodard

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