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Diamond Heart Energy Activation Workbook

To fully experience the Diamond Heart activations, download and listen to the free audio recordings of the 12 meditations. Download instructions are found in the book.

Sound vibration is one of the strongest ways to trigger activations so it is recommended that you listen to the mp3’s for your activations and use this workbook as secondary support.

Diamond Heart Energy Activations are a 21st century multidimensional energy application for humanity. They harness the subtle energy of the Sun and Earth and access the Power of the I AM, activating the codes, programs and DNA strands and move an individual towards greater self-awareness and expression. It is a lot like wind over the water, or the sense of love in the heart . . . you cannot see it directly, but there are tangible effects that are visible.

Life Seed is a blending of the Father/Electrical/Solar energies and the magnetic/soundwave/ mother energies brought forth by our collective I AM Presence for the Ascension, Resurrection, Illumination and Awakening of all humanity.




Diamond Heart Energy Activation #8 - Self Awareness, Self Mainenance, Filtration and Protection

COST: DHEA #8 Download Tracks 2 & 3 - $22 donation to Brian

TRACK #2                   TRACK #3

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