Be Clear Now!

Paperback: 56 pages, softbound

Language: English


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Be Clear Now!

A Beginner's Guide to Pendulum Clearing

Take your basic pendulum dowsing skills

to the next level!

           Like the lions guarding the gate on the cover of this book, Be Clear Now guides a beginning dowser into the magical world of clearing with a pendulum  and a simple dowsing chart.

         There are a number of dowsing books that deal with finding water, oil, gold, treasure, artifacts, wealth and fortune. This is not that book. Here we are dealing with the anatomy of the spirit and chakras, subtle energies, light and shadow energies, cords, emotions, influences and    protection.

         Be Clear Now method done regularly helps you recognize and then eliminate and clear spiritual hitchhikers, unwanted guests, cords and unwelcome energies that can arise in day to day life.     

What you need to succeed to do this clearing work:

  • Basic pendulum skills
  • An open mind
  • A clear heart

         You can use the Be Clear Now chart to not only keep yourself clear, but to also help friends and family.

 Make your world one of clarity and wonder!


Be Clear Now and I AM charts

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