Bija Seed Meditation Initiation

Initiation into the Heart Mantra

Thousands of years ago and before the written language was the repository for the richness of cultures, holy men, sages and wise men and women were always present within all groups of people. We find similarities of traditions such as between the Huna of Hawaii and tribes in Africa. People existing who had no contact with one another but who developed ideas, philosophy and names for things that were identical. The subconscious mind and its discoveries, generally attributed to Freud and Jung, were understood and appreciated by the early Shamans of many cultures.

The very rich traditions of India that gave birth to the beings like Buddha, Padmasambhava (who brought Buddhism from Tibet to India) and Shankara (founder of Vedanta) offer us insights into the nature of man as an evolving spiritual being, a diamond in the rough but still capable of unfolding the wonders and perfections of a Christ. Solving the riddle of the Sphinx, like discovering the Philosophers Stone or finding the kingdom within, is the last great mystery for man to solve. Science can put a man in space, but can we discover the space within a man that resonates with the highest ideas, ideals, unity, divinity, Self and Source or God?

This was, is and will always be sole purpose of the initiate who brings the Sacred Science of Nam, or the Word, or the Mantra to the ears of the disciple of truth, to push back the barriers to self-knowledge and discover what was always already the case. God and Man are One. Bija Seeds are gifts from the Creator filled with etheric energy to fuel one’s own personal journey inward toward light, freedom, creativity, wisdom, the sacred, the Source or God. Bija is the seed sound and energy that proceeds all form. Mantras are powerful vibrations that work at the atomic level to assist human beings in the journey of being and becoming, of awakening.

The Mantra, the OM or Amen, is beyond religion and/or perhaps before it. The Seed resonates with your primordial self and aligns ones body/mind/spirit with the cause of it’s existence, delivering empowerments of knowledge, sensitivity, virtue and proofs of our eternal connection with one another and with the Supreme Being, Supreme Intelligence, the Omnipotent, present Omniscient One, in a most rewarding, step by step unfolding and glorious fashion.

This GIFT, although valued in meditation centers for thousands of dollars, is offered as a free gift of love and light at most Life Seed and Diamond Heart events. Receive a gift that keeps on giving. Let your keen focus resonate a complete and wholesome path of fulfillment, satisfaction and wonder. Become more heart centered.

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