LifeWeaving Coaching

LifeWeaving Coaching involves the use of special dowsing charts and a pendulum to access the "intuitive brain" in order to help a person clear themselves and navigate events in their world. The LifeWeaving Method was first developed by Carole Conlon as a means to help people she encountered in her acupuncture practice to heal from physical issues. The LifeWeaving has evolved to be a premier method for clearing much more.

LifeWeaving can answer questions like these:

What is my highest option to do right now?

Am I functioning free of cords and disturbing energies?

Are my chakras all open, aligned, cleared and balanced?

Is my personal trinity working in harmony?

What percentage am I compatible with this food? and more.

LifeWeaving is as much a "reading" as it is a "healing", immediately clearing deep-seated emotional blocks and issues during a session in a very painless manner and providing answers Counseling work can be done in person or as distance healing and direction for everyday questions.

Visit for more information. Visit Brian or Carole for a unique session - available in person or via phone.

COST: Mini Sessions: $20 Full Sessions: $50 - $75

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