Diamond Heart Energy Activations

Diamond Heart Energy Activations are a 21st century multidimensional energy application for humanity. They harness the subtle energy of the Sun and Earth and access the Power of the I AM, activating the codes, programs and DNA strands to move an individual towards greater self-awareness and expression. It is a lot like wind over the water, or the sense of love in the heart . . . you cannot see it directly, but there are tangible effects that are visible.

The Diamond Heart Energy Activations are quantum energy conversations that honor the giver and the receiver as equal partners in a journey of self-exploration.  These are the free use of our God-given attention and inquiry. The activations do not involve any mechanical, electrical, or chemical means in your own body/mind/spirit. Their sole purpose is for expanding your awareness and appreciation for the gifts within, both activated and utilized, and those we wish to awaken from a latent state.

Session Cost: The purchaser agrees to pay $40 for each activation as they work through the program with Brian either in person or over the telephone.

Contact Brian for more information or questions.

Diamond Heart Energy Activation Pictures

The images above show the results of this new and exciting technology. The left image was taken roughly 60 days before the second one. The image on the right was taken 24 hours after a Diamond Heart Energy Activation, a Solar Initiation, facilitated by Brian Roberts.

The room images above were taken before (left) and after (right) a Diamond Heart activation.

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