Brian Roberts, WA Massage License 00005125,  has trained extensively in many forms of corrective bodywork including

  • Hoshino Therapy, a needleless acupuncture system
  • Postural Integration, a deep  tissue process of alignment
  • Cross Fiber technique
  • Alpha Brain Body Balancing, which releases fight or flight signals and returns brain hemispheric balance
  • Trager bodywork techniques (introductory class)

These methods treat pain and energy imbalance in the body, and often help align the body-mind-spirit, allowing faster healing.

In addition to the various bodywork approaches, Brian has recorded 12 guided meditations (guitar, bass and cello) that he will often use with his hands on sessions. (See the Diamond Heart Energy Activations on this site.)

Brian does outcall or mobile services currently for businesses or home & personal.

Flexible Fees.

Contact Brian at or call at 206 799 5605                         

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