Alpha Brain-Body Balancing

Brian is a highly skilled professional practitioner drawing from a multi-disciplined approach. His work is light yet powerful - releasing inappropriate stress and fight or flight mechanisms while initiating Brain-Body Alpha Balance.

This process was introduced by the Reverend Dr. Brian T. Roberts, Alphabioticist, Healer, Minister and Bija Meditation Master instructor after 15 years of balancing thousands of individuals, with God’s grace and the support of the collective I AM Presence.

The Hands On Peace process is the direct result of an infusion of the energy of Spirit or The Beloved Almighty I AM Presence. This hand’s on balancing process aligns the trinity of Being, mind/body/spirit, while producing direct physical shifts in left/right brain synchronization, release of harmful stress factors, while balancing subtle energies of the chakras. This opens a pathway for the individual I AM presence to clear communication with the outer self or ego personality. Facilitators contact the head with a light touch of both hands accessing “ the Presence” as a flow of energy through the facilitator to the recipient.

Intention is a key and the flow of this healing energy requires that the practitioner be a balanced, open and willing channel for healing in love and light. Anyone can learn to send this energy, and more balanced spiritually charged individuals will channel more of it. There are six aspects involved with this work, as noted below.

  1. Intention (practitioner) and receptivity (participant)
  2. Visualize the Violet Flame of Transmutation enveloping yourself and participant.
  3. Hands On Peace contact to the head to activate the brain and crown chakra For the facilitator
  4. Invocation: preparatory - The Great Invocation, while working (see below).

Beloved Almighty (Breathe In Violet & out White Light)
I AM (Breathe In Violet & out White Light)
Presence (Breathe In Violet & out White Light)
I AM THAT (Breathe In Violet & out White Light)
I AM (Breathe In Violet & out White Light)
Present (Breathe In Violet & out White Light)

  1. Breathe & focus, flow, alignment and receptivity.
  2. Integration and Relaxation into Balance.

Hands On Healings are as old as the sun. Touching is a healing art and can be focused in powerful and transformative ways. Color breathing using the Violet Flame of Transmutation & alpha-theta brain wave energy is accessed and delivered via subtle energy circuits (nadis) and direct contact with the head/heart using the hands. Like a re-set of a switchboard or electrical program the brain responds to this energy and re-prioritizes that level of brain function present by moving to the neo-cortex, hemi-synch, unity, openness and balance. Using muscle testing and observation of leg length will confirm the obvious physical effects of these powerful hands on healing events. Inner aspects and benefits are realized and appreciated personally and peacefully by each recipient.

COST: Sliding scale: $75 - $125 per session depending on time and location

The Alphabiotic Balancing Paper  (493 KB PDF) gives a close introduction into Alphabiotics, the precursor to Brain-Body Balancing.

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