Hands-on energy Lifeseed healing sessions open portals to the dimensions of love and light . . .  read more

The Diamond Heart Energy Activations are quantum energy conversations that honor the giver and the receiver as equal partners in a journey of self-exploration. . . .  read more

LifeWeaving Coaching involves the use of special dowsing charts and a pendulum to access the "intuitive brain" in order to help a person clear themselves  . . .  read more

Brian is a highly skilled professional practitioner drawing from a multi-disciplined approach. His work is light yet powerful - releasing inappropriate stress and fight or flight mechanisms while initiating Brain-Body Alpha Balance. . . .  read more

Thousands of years ago and before the written language was the repository for the richness of cultures, holy men, sages and wise men and women were  . . .  read more

Consists of a DNA Activation, Subtle Energy Body Balancing, and Chakra Balancing. Each participant will  . . .  read more

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