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Recommended Reading

There is only one book that is required reading for students of Lifeseed. That book is the Impersonal Life, by Joseph Benner. I also strongly suggest that students become familiar with A Course in Miracles as well as the “I AM” Discourses, Volume III from the Saint Germain press—at least if they have the inclination. However, we like to support peoples freedom to choose what is best for themselves, as we do understand that spirit whispers in all languages.

The Impersonal Life

The Impersonal Life was first published in 1941. The author first published the book anonymously and later on—only after Joseph Benner had passed away—his family published his name. This is a requested reading for Lifeseed practitioners. The following is a quote from it:

Therefore, as I begin to awaken in you the realization that I Am within, and more and more cause your human consciousness to become an impersonal channel through which I can express, will I gradually reveal to you the Reality of My Idea, dissipating the illusions of the ages, which have hidden me from you, enabling Me thereby to manifest through you my heavenly Attributes on Earth in all humanly Divine perfection.

The second chapter, Be Still and Know, reveals to us . . .  click here for more Impersonal_Life (169 KB pdf).





For Mystery and Silence




(A story by Brian Roberts, January 2012)
As the story goes and whether it is true or not is not the point.Teaching stories are always given to us for their intrinsic value, for their essence, for their life seed codes. Where ever the fertile soil of the heart is receptive the winds will come, sun will shine and the birds of love and life will offer the magical and necessary starts for flowering and fruit.

Long ago in the late part of the eighth century, in a very remote village in India by chance (if you can believe in that) a certain Swami Nasrudin, a local tea shop restaurant and food distribution tent owner had attracted the attention of a number of wandering sages, a sadhu, a monk and even one guru. Rarely did this place receive the visitors from outside. Now all of a sudden there were plenty of guest of impeccable character and fortitude. . . (click the Mystery and Silence link to download the entire story - - -  8 page, 188 KB PDF - Mystery_and_Silence).



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