Special Music Series

"Greetings and Blessings to You,

I am offering three CD's in a Special Music Series. The tracks from these CD's are available for download in MP3 format (see below). These are fairly large files ranging from about 10 MB to 70 MB. in size, so please be patient while they download." . . . Brian

Suggestions for Listening

"If possible listen to one of the CD's while receiving bodywork, massage or taking a long hot essential oil bath. Let the mantras work on alignment of the subtle bodies and chakras. Ask your spirit guides and teachers to be present with you and open up to the HEALING! Make use of the large amount of Energy present!

For the best sweet dreams, play at low volume before going to sleep.

Call me later at 206 799 5605 and give me your feedback."

Love, Brian

More About the Albums

The I AM Meditation

Start each day this 12 minute meditation and create absolute magic in your life.

About the Moola Mantra

The relaxing chanting on Moola Mantra translates as:

  • OM:  Supreme ONE Love and Intelligence
  • Sat Chit Ananda: Formless all pervading Un-manifest Source
  • ParaBrahma: Supreme Being in the Absolute aspect.
  • Puroshuthama: The Force and Guidance from a higher plane
  • Paramatma: Supreme Inner Energy which supports ALL things.
  • Sri Bhagavati: Shakti, Feminine Energy, Divine Mother 
  • Sametha: Together or in communion with.
  • Sri Bhagavati: Male aspect of Creation, the root and solid.
  • Namaha: Salutations and Prostrations.

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