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Diamond Heart
Return to Shambala
Temple of Peace
Temple of Divine Mother


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Song writing is a magical process that flows spontaneously when ever and were ever. I started writing the song Shambala when I was working out at the gym. I came home and wrote out the beginning lines and picked up my guitar and sang out of nowhere the name "Shambala" then, to my surprise, the mantra followed.

Concerning the quality of love and the heart in the pursuit of sound vibrational healing and activation, I will say that it occurs on three levels. Number one is the simplicity of the song and the casual listening. Two is the subtle sounds of the mantras in the songs - even the name of Jesus on "Harmony" raises the vibration. And number three is the listening with INTENTION to return to balance, to harmony, to Shambala.

Ten songs deliver a colorful flow of images, ideas, inspiration and continuity. From "Here We Go", "Awakening", "Shambala" to "Beyond" and through the whole collection is a golden thread of truth and "all life is sacred" and "you are that". . . Blessings, Brian


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