Diamond Heart Energy Activation Self Study Program

Why Take the Diamond Heart Energy Self-Study Program?

The Planet Earth has become an initiation chamber. Are you ready, are you willing, and are you able?

Diamond Heart Energy Activations are a 21st century, multidimensional energy application for humanity. They harness the subtle energy of the sun and earth and access the power of the I AM, activating the codes, programs and DNA strands to move an individual towards greater self-awareness and expression. It is a lot like wind over the water, or the sense of love in the heart . . . you cannot see it directly, but there are tangible effects that are visible.

The activations do not involve any mechanical, electrical, or chemical means in your own body/mind/spirit. The sole purpose is to expand your awareness and appreciation for the gifts within, both activated and utilized, and those we wish to awaken from a latent state.

How Does the Program Work?

There are twelve Diamond Heart activation sessions which are done at intervals of one to two weeks. Each activation is approximately 60 minutes in length and includes five parts:

  • Program description
  • The I AM meditation
  • Diamond Heart invocations
  • Meditation with music
  • Closing benediction

To fully experience these activations, download and listen to the free audio recordings created by Brian Roberts of each session. These MP3's include readings and original music by Brian. Download instructions are found in the I Am Presence --- Diamond Heart Energy Activation Workbook, available from Amazon.com.

Sound vibration is one of the strongest ways to trigger activations so it is recommended that you listen to the MP3’s to do your activations and use the workbook for secondary support.

What Does the Course Cover?

The Diamond Heart Energy Activation program uses affirmations to define the intent and character of each session. The twelve are:

  1.  BODY ELEMENTAL—BODY AWARENESS—ALIGNMENT OF THE TRINITY—Affirmation: I AM the resurrection and the life of my body/mind and spirit.
  2. COMMUNICATION—Affirmation: I AM multi-dimensional communications.
  3. GUIDANCE AND INTUITION—Affirmation: I AM being divinely guided.
  4. CO-CREATION, TALENTS, PRODUCTIVITY—Affirmation: I AM a magical being of infinite creativity.
  5. COVENANTS, PURPOSE, PLAN—Affirmation: I AM unfolding my covenants and unfolding the divine plan.
  6. ORGANIZATION AND CO OPERATION—Affirmation: I AM redefining, re-developing and re-directing my personal database to be in alignment with my higher self.
  7. SYNERGY AND FLUIDITY—Affirmation: I AM up-regulating, up-grading automatically.
  8. SELF-MAINTENANCE, FILTRATION- PROTECTION—Affirmation: I AM a being of violet fire.
  9. GROUNDED IN AWARENESS—Affirmation: I AM the balance and harmony God desires on Earth right now.
  10. PEACE, POWER AND PROSPERITY—Affirmation: I AM manifesting all that I need, want and desire.
  11. I DREAM WITH AWARENESS AND RECALL—Affirmation: I AM awake in life, my dreams I recall.
  12. THE RETURNING POINT, THE OCTAVE, ANGEL EYES—Affirmation: I AM accessing my gifts developed in the past.

What Does the Program Cost?

The self study program is available for the cost of the I AM Presence ---Diamond Heart Energy Activation Workbook, $24.97. The price includes the workbook as well as instructions to download the free MP3 sessions. The 8 1/2 by 11 softbound workbook is available from Amazon.com (paperback or kindle edition).

Private sessions can also be scheduled with Brian T Roberts.

How Do I Start?

Just purchase the book and when it arrives, contact Brian at lifeseedcodes@hotmail.com for MP3 download instructions.

Downloadable Diamond Heart Documents

Diamond Heart Energy Activation Introduction (~2 MB PDF) - a brief introduction to the Diamond Heart Energy Activation process.

12 Strand DNA Activations  (218 KB PDF) - Describes the process used to activate your DNA.

Diamond Heart Energy Activation_WORKBOOK_pg 1-36  (36 pages, ~4.0 MB) -  This download includes the first section of the Diamond Heart Activation Workbook. The full manual, designed to be used with the activations, can be purchased at Amazon.com. Remember that the Diamond Heart activations are sound vibrations so the verbal tones from Brian are needed so be sure to get your twelve free MP3's that accompany the workbook (download instructions are in the book).

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