Welcome to a world of art, music, metaphysics, magic, healing and activation ...

the home of LifeSeed Codes, Diamond Heart DNA Activations, Brian T Roberts and Karin Couture!

Life Seed is a blending of the Father/Electrical/Solar energies and the Magnetic/Soundwave/ Mother energies brought forth by our collective I AM Presence for the ascension, resurrection, illumination and awakening of all humanity.

Only YOU can take the step from the outer world of the personality to the light of YOUR own Inner Self. The LifeseedCodes website offers several tools to help you take that step, including

The Diamond Heart Energy Activations (done by Brian or as a self-study program)

Mantras and music

Inspired art by Karin Couture

A selection of unique healing methods

Poetry, prayers and stories

IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED the Be Clear Now Book,

  click here for instructions to receive your Be Clear Now and I AM chart downloads.








NOW - if the time is NOW for you!

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